About us

Welcome to our website – HORSES POLAND.

HORSES POLAND is a way for communication between horse owners: the current seller and potential buyer, who has found their dream horse here and intends to buy it.

If you found your future horse here and have questions – just click and make an offer or ask for details – it does not oblige you to anything. We will contact you, provide reliable information, offer transport and take care of all procedures – so that your new horse is safely and quickly in your stable.

Our company is a history of combining a real passion, which is horse riding and horse breeding with a package of professional services provided for modern horse riding. The project under the HORSES POLAND logo was born from a combination of many years of experience in equestrian sport, horse breeding, provision of transport services, as well as the ability to do business internationally according to the modern requirements of the 21st century.

This combination of experience and skills in various fields creates the basis for the development of a company providing services for the wider horse community. By inviting you to cooperate, we hope that with the level and professionalism we will be able to meet the expectations of customers and gain your trust.

Best regards,

The Horses Poland team